Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!

Hello! As promised, today I’ll be trying out those ramen that I bought the other day. I’m so excited! After seeing so many people try it, I just can’t wait to experience for myself. I know I’m pretty late but oh well. I really seriously love spicy food that it’s tough to truly express my obsession for them in words. Without further ado, let’s begin the fire noodle challenge! 20161004_050146967_ios

So the noodles are from Samyang and as can be seen its hot chicken flavour. I don’t think all places sells it in halal, mine just happens to be as such so do look out if that’s what you require!


There’s two sachets, one containing the seaweed and white sesame seeds while the other contains the chilli sauce. The noodles looks like those thick curly kind which I really love for its chewiness and nice texture.


I’m cooking the noodles in a pot for this but if you’re lazy like me usually or something, there’s an alternative which is to cook it directly in the packet. So after you take out the seasonings, pour hot water into the packet and use a clip or something to seal the bag. After it’s done (most likely around 5-10 mins), you can pour out the water, add the seasoning and eat directly from the bag! This way, you don’t have to wash the bowls or the pots, perfect! 😂

I don’t know why I can’t capture the true colour of the noodles after adding the seasonings. It’s actually a lot redder than it seems in the pictures. The heavy spicy smell makes my nose tingle. To make it better, you can add cheese, eggs, green onions etc too. Time for the tasting!

Swollen lips

Wow, the first few bites were really spicy. I know you’re not supposed to drink but I still took a little sip of plain water as I felt like I might really die. But you know what? Worst decision ever. For some reason, the pain on my tongue became even more intense. 😢 Oh well, I resumed eating after I felt better. This time, I pulled through without any water, surprisingly much less spicier. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea too. Overall, it’s really tasty. The flavours really makes you crave more but at the same time the spiciness is telling you to stop, it’s really torture at its finest. 😂  Look at the redness and swollenness of my lips, natural makeup. 😂  I’m usually pretty awesome at spicy stuff but this was quite spicy to me. It’s rather weird though, sometimes what others feel as super spicy is absolutely nothing to me while at times what majority think as not spicy is hell for me. 😓 But I think I did pretty well for the challenge!

Rating (even though this was supposed to be a challenge) :

  • Spicy    : 4/5
  • Taste    : 4.5/5
  • Price     : 3/5

Bonus : 20160928_060634095_iosI’m not sure (and I can’t remember) what it’s called so let’s just say spicy soup ramen. 😓



There’s two sachets for this as well, the powder seasoning and chilli oil. The noodles are the flat type which I’m not very fond of, but that doesn’t mean I hate it too.


I added the boiled water and seasoning and proceeded to mix them up! I left it for around 3-5 mins.

It’s done! To my surprise, the noodles are rather good as it’s chewy and thick. I was disappointed with the soup though. The store stated that the spiciness would be 4/5 chilli but it’s really not spicy at all, at least to me it isn’t. There’s just a small bit of aftertaste hotness. On the bright side, it’s quite flavourful. I love the kelp pieces (they’re quite big). Since this wasn’t really hot, I don’t consider it part of a spicy challenge.


  • Spicy : 1.5/5
  • Taste :4/5
  • Price :3.5/5  (Since cup noodles are generally more expensive than packet ones, so I wouldn’t consider this as very ex)

That’s all for this post. I know I’ve been posting mostly on food, but I promise I’ll be starting on the other categories soon!

Sera ❧


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