Macau – Ruins of St. Paul’s

Hello! Recently I travelled to Hong Kong, and from there I went to Shenzhen and from Shenzhen to Macau. ^^; I spent around a day at Macau so I didn’t really get to do much especially since most of the time was wasted on travelling on ferries and subways and finding the way. T^T  In any case, I did go to some touristy spots. Usually, people travel to Macau for its casino but I’m still underage so just sightseeing for me!

We boarded the ferry around 11 am. I really can’t even count the number of times I’ve gone through the customs.


View outside the ferry


We reached Macau an hour after and this is the first view upon arrival. After quite a while of deciding and figuring out where to go and how, we finally left on a bus.


There’s a bridge connecting to the main area and the view’s pretty nice. On the way to ‘I’m not exactly sure where at that point in time’, there’s lots of gorgeous looking hotels/casinos. Even areas not covered in gold are decorated with statues etc. So we decided to alight around the area although we have absolutely no idea where we’re at. We started asking around and went into one of those grand hotels to…well ask but also to look around. 😏    


Eventually, we took a taxi instead. 😂 The hotel staff told us what we should tell the driver and so that’s what we said but after we reached the place, it turns out we still have a distance to walk before reaching the area we’re looking for. Of course, you guessed it! We have no idea where and how again. And so commence the long walk(originally short if we walked the right way 😂) to reach our destination. But that’s ok! we got to see some amazing views as well.


Unique cramped apartments




Halloween’s approaching!


Cute Alpaca and shop displays



Cos my Zodiac is Rabbit!
Ruins of St. Paul’s

We finally reached! It looks amazing, huge and sophisticated.


After you go to the other side of the door, there’s the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt at the inner area of the ruins. Inside there lies the remains of a tomb. Further in, you’ll be able to see artefacts, paintings which are of full of history and artistic value. I didn’t really take any pictures here because I felt it may be a little inappropriate. Moving on, we went to the adjacent Mount Fortress.



We walked steeped staircases and uneven pathways and finally reached the top. I thought my legs were going to give way especially after the long walk to find this place. On the other hand, the greeneries and fresh air really does improve your mood.






The full name of this place is Fortaleza do Monte. Here and the ruins are UNESCO World Heritage sites if I’m not wrong. The view is truly spectacular. It really allows you to take time and relax. There’s the Macau museum up here too. I didn’t go in because of the lack of time.


The ruins and the fortress are definitely beautiful and historically-rich places to visit. They are some of the most famous landmarks in Macau and I sure did enjoy my experience.

Although this is a mini trip, there’s so many pictures to share and I’d like to keep my post at a moderate length so I’m leaving the other half of my experience for another post!


Sera ❧


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  1. Went there this year from 2 January to 6 January going there again next year 2 January to 7 walk from ah ma Temple all the way to the ruins or Saint Paul’s and visit the wine and grand prix museum and fishermen wharf and see the golden dragon rises up


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