Hong Kong – Victoria Peak

 Skyline view at The Peak + night shopping at Ladies Market

In my recent trip I mentioned in the Macau post, I went to Hong Kong as well. One of the places I really enjoyed is the Victoria peak which is a mountain located at the western part of the island. From there, you’ll be able to have a bird’s-eye view of the harbour, the sea, the skyscrapers etc. Oh I almost forgot to mention, if you’re planning on travelling there, I would recommend you to go at evening, around 4- 6pm would be great. At least that’s what I did and I absolutely loved the view.

We took the subway to the central stop and from there, we’re supposed to look for a bus that can bring us directly to the peak but we got lost so we ended up taking a taxi (yep, again). The taxi’s are kind of cool as they have this mini media device at the back of the front seats to keep you entertained.

Anyway, we decided to stop at the shopping centre area. When I walked out, I was greeted by the stunning scenery.

Lots of tourists

The weather was quite cold as well but not anywhere unbearable.

20161008_101650464_ios20161008_101758994_iosAfter taking some repetitive pictures (because who wouldn’t right?), we moved further up. The view started changing as the sky got darker. We decided to explore the other areas before it gets too late. As we’re walking, we saw the sky tram which we initially wanted to ride it as our way back but the queue was so long. In any case, we carried on to the other sightseeing areas. We shall think about transportation later. 😂

So windy…
The people on the top looks so tiny XD
The best I could after like a million tries

We then went in the nearby shopping centre. There’s the trick eye museum, something like the trick eye museum but free and a wax museum. The wax museum is quite expensive but the other is affordable I suppose. I didn’t go in any because firstly the lack of time again and I’ve been to my local counterpart so might as well not waste the money. You can also go to the highest part of the peak and have a look at the best view available for a price. Other than attractions, there’s also the opportunity to dine while being mesmerised with the wonderful panorama of Hong Kong being offered.

Well now that we’re done and seen all we’ve wanted to, it’s time to part and think about the ways to do so. 😂 Eventually, we took a bus back. Guess what, we stopped at the wrong stop. Technically, it’s not wrong but it’s not right either. We basically stopped there as many tourists stopped too. 😂

Since the night’s still early, we agreed to head to the popular street shopping areas such as Ladies Market/Street. It’s so crowded. 20161008_132103548_ios

Some adorable keychains I bought


Walking through these streets, I saw a couple of things I’d like to buy such as keychains and soft toys. I realised this common occurrence that’s kind of funny but awesome. So I usually ask for the price of the object before deciding if I’d like to buy. Most of time it will be ridiculously overpriced. So I will always walk away and apparently every big step you take, the seller will call out to you with a much lower price and it’ll continue getting lower till you’re satisfied and they say it can’t get any lesser. Great! 😂


There’s also many street performance and basking by different individuals or groups. Some performed circus tricks while others dance or sing. Although some performance wasn’t very good but everyone seems to be having lots of fun. That’s what matters most right? The streets are lively and bustling with noise and excitement, it really gets you in a cheery mood! Still, I have to say I’m a person who doesn’t like crowds much. 😂

All in all, this was a great and memorable evening. I can’t wait to share all the great food I tried throughout my trip in future posts!

Sera ❧




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