Food Hunt – Shenzhen #1

Good food huh. That’s likely one of the most important things especially for people like us who goes by the saying – living to eat rather than eating to live. As such, let’s embark on the journey to search for good food! I’m not sure if I should make a series titled Food Hunt where I’ll be reviewing or sharing my food experiences whenever I travel etc, so do give some suggestions! 🙂 Anyway for now, I’ll be showing you guys some of the stuff I’ve tried during my trip to Shenzhen.

Our first food experience here would be lunch at a cafeteria/ restaurant near our hotel. These were some of the local delicacies we decided to try. Most of the stuff can actually be found in my home country but I’m sure they don’t taste as authentic. 20161005_201619000_ios

I added parsley to improve the presentation haha


It’s glistening *.*

The food we ordered includes the roasted goose, stir fry mala frog, chai sim with oyster sauce and wanton noodle. I tried the wanton noodle first and I really quite liked it, especially after adding lots of chilli sauce. The texture of the noodles were quite chewy and not too soft. The soup was flavourful and the wanton’s skin was really smooth. The meat wrapped inside wasn’t very good though. Moving on, we have the roasted meat. I heard this is something you have to try if you travel to these areas. We’re not sure what we said but we ended up getting this huge amount, and it’s really quite costly. Anyway, the first few bites were really good as the roasted skin had a great amount of fat and dipping in the sour plum sauce was pure bliss. If you’ve never had this before, it taste largely similar to duck meat. Sadly, most the pieces had really too much fat that it became quite hard to continue eating. My favourite I suppose would be the mala frog. The frog meat was chewy and spicy, everything I love haha. However, there’s always a bad part to everything great and it would be that the amount was too little.

Moving to the next location. We visited this place called Green Tea Restaurant in a nearby shopping centre. Wow, the atmosphere was great. It felt like a modern rural village if that makes sense. 20161006_234459000_iosThe servings of the food we ordered were quite a lot. I can’t believe the waiter actually asked us if its enough, we almost though it’ll be super small servings. Thank goodness we didn’t order more. Anyway, we ordered (from first pic to last) : fragrant three vegetables with spices, saliva chicken, dong po meat, stir fry enoki, 8 spices prawn and lastly dessert which is milk and red/green bean shaved ice. Some names I just directly translated, so forgive me if they sound weird. 😂 20161006_063532658_ios

Loved the sauce and some of the vegetables. Salty, spicy and really fragrant. The only thing is that there’s too much it’s impossible to finish.


Although this is called saliva chicken, it doesn’t really contain saliva in case you’re wondering. 😂 I really liked this. It’s served as a cold dish rather than hot. It kind of remind me of eating cold soba. The sauce was great, especially when pairing it with rice.


Fatty part *.*


As you can see, lots of tasty fat and meat. It’s sort of like braised pig belly meat. It’s great, if you love meaty and fatty things, this is your kind of food.

This enoki mushroom didn’t taste like what I expected. Still, I quite like it. Honestly, It doesn’t taste like mushroom anymore but more like bamboo shoots.

For this dish, the waiter/chef? came to show us this fire performance which was really rather cool. There’s not much price difference from the other foods despite this additional treat. The prawn smelled smoky and full of spices. The taste didn’t have the same impact though, rather simple. Since its fried till crisp, you can eat the shell as well!

Finally the dessert. Totally different from what I thought it’ll look like. I always expect deserts to be outrageously small in size and ridiculously priced judging based on experience. However, this was enormous I must say. It’s like almost 1/3 quarter of the table size. Furthermore, I love how the shaved ice was in a block shape and has layers of different flavours! The dessert contained plentiful toppings of red and green been as well as some glutinous jelly-like things. Absolutely enjoyed this.

I’ll be continuing the other part of this food experience soon! Look forward to more great food. 😂 I know there’s lots of other half post I haven’t done yet. Soon, I think. 😂

Sera ❧





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    1. Haha that’s true. Well, I did directly translate so it’s very likely the original name in English would not be called this 😂 And thanks so much for checking out my blog!

      Sera ❧


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