Food Hunt – Shenzhen #2

Part two of my previous post! Do check out that one too if you haven’t. 🙂 Since I’ve already introduced there, lets just get right into the food experience!

Day two breakfast: Dim sum! I got meat sauce noodles (jajiangmyeon) too, but I forgot to take a picture. oops.


Shrimp dumplings (Har Gow), my all time favourite dim sum.
Not sure about the formal name of this but basically it’s like ribs or something.


After breakfast, it’s time to shop. We took a bus to Dong Men and were greeted by the busy street! There’s lots of interesting street food. 😀


Mochi in the making?
Fruits tea!

This shop is really interesting. They sell drinks where there’s lots of different fruits and you can choose the tea you’ll like to have it with (Red tea, Green tea etc.). It’s quite unique because I seldom see fruits and tea mixed in a cup.

Bought one (I chose red tea) to try for myself. Surprisingly tasty!
Got other street food as well. This oyster one is one of favourites. It’s marinated with garlic, chilli etc.


Going back to the hotel area! Got personal hotpot from NeGeGuo (If I’m not wrong ^^; ). So the personal hotpot is like a normal hotpot by a much smaller size and all the food is already added in the broth. I got a Mala flavoured one and a sour spicy one.

The mala one
The sour spicy one.

This one is spicier than the mala one and it’s ultra sour. Be warned haha. By the way, this meal comes in a set, so there’s a side dish as well. You get to do something like a lucky draw and the number that you picked will determine what side dish you’ll be getting. I got this chicken tendons and it taste quite nice but really hard to chew.


You get to choose noodle or rice too and I chose noodles. Best decision ever, the noodles have an awesome texture and it’s slightly seasoned!


In the hotpot, there’s a variety of food such as chicken, blood tofu, mushroom, vegetables, meat dumpling stuff etc. You can refill the soup too in case you’re wondering.

More hotpot stuff incoming! You can never get tired of hotpot! XD

Mala and seafood broth hotpot! This mala soup is so spicy (but really tasty) I had to convert to the seafood soup for the rest of the meal halfway through…


cool environment~
Some ingredients we got


That’s the end of the food experience in Shenzhen. Hope you enjoyed!

Sera ❧






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