Self hair dye! – Kao Liese

It’s been a while but I’m back! Have been really busy over the past few weeks due to school, exams and assignments and I’m still quite stressed right now. Oh well, I can’t allow my blog to continue its silent misery, so I decided to update a short post on my recent hair dye experience!

I’m a really lazy person, too lazy to even go to the salon. I know you might say isn’t going to the salon and letting professionals do the work less of a job than dyeing your own hair. Well, I gotta agree with that…BUT for me, I rather be in the comfort of my own home.

Anyway, so I decided to use the Liese creamy bubble colour (formulated for Asian hair). The shade I chose was the milk tea brown. According to the product, you just have to squeeze out foam to apply on your hair so it’s supposed to be really easy! By the way, my hair is completely black right now.20161222_053942545_iosSo apparently, depending on the darkness of your hair colour the results will differ. Since my hair is so dark, I’m not expecting to have a significant result.

The box contained a couple of items: two solution bottles, the foam cap, gloves, treatment conditioner and instructions in different languages. You’re actually supposed to conduct a test on your skin to see you’re allergic to the solution but oops not gonna happen. It’s okay I guess. 😂20161222_054024156_ios20161222_054028889_iosBefore I start the mixing stuff, I have to get ready first! so to prevent the foam from touching my skin, I made a DIY protection cover XD.

Just grab an unused plastic bag. Cut a hole at the bottom to allow your head to go through and make a slit at the front so that you can spread the plastic bag to cover your shoulders. So it should look something like cape. Now you don’t have to waste your towel or end up needing to wash them! And now that I’ve mixed the solutions, I’m ready to begin! The gloves make me look as if I’m going to perform some surgery. 😂

just squeezing the bottle will produce foam

After 5 mins of applying all the foam to my hair, I’m supposed to wait for around 20 mins. But I’m itching like crazy TT. So I washed off at 10 mins. 😂 Though the treatment conditioner feels really good and makes my hair really soft and fluffy! By the way, if you have long hair, you’re supposed to used two sets but I only used one. ^^;;; Just one set produced more than enough foam for my whole head though.


The results! 20161229_102741000_iosUnder the light, my hair looks pretty nice I would say. But in other occasions, you can’t really tell a difference haha 😂. But considering I only left it for a while and I didn’t even use the required amount, I quite love the results! The only thing that I didn’t quite like was that my hair looks orangey in certain places (because black hair have a red undertone?), but it doesn’t bother me that much.

  • Overall: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Results: 3.5/5
  • Long-lasting (from my friend’s experience) : 5/5

That’s all for this post! On the side note, I still haven’t write about the remaining events from that past Macau/Hongkong/Shenzhen trip. I will work on that soon…😂

Sera ❧




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