Kbeauty Haul

Hello! This will be a short introduction to the series of reviews I will be doing! So recently I got some Korean skin care and beauty products and I can’t wait to share with you guys! By the way, I know I’m really inactive recently (had lots of school commitments). I’ll try to make up for the posts during my break!

As many would know, Korean beauty products are crazy on the rise in recent years. I’m always drooling and torturing myself watching makeup videos. Now I’ve finally gotten my hands on them. I’m really new when it comes to doing makeup though, so bare with me and try not to cringe if I’m doing something wrong.

The products I got are from April Skin, Etude House, 3ConceptEyes (Stylenanda), TheSeam, InnisFree and SecretKey! These brands are really popular recently, especially in the region I live in (SEA). The most high end would definitely be 3CE, they’re seriously expensive for the small quantity they come in. Hopefully, I’m not just buying for the brand. Etude House and Innisfree stores can be found like almost everywhere in my country, so I would say they’re pretty common. Common does not mean cheap though. They’re rather reasonably priced I guess, some are really expensive. Not sure about the other brands but they seem to have lots of good reviews. All in all, can’t wait to try them all out!

*Some are not included in this picture

Should I write each brand/product/type in separate posts or go by parts in random order? I don’t know, oh well, we’ll see!

Sera ❧


4 thoughts on “Kbeauty Haul

  1. I love the Etude House’s lip tints, and as I mentioned in one of my blog post – I love to use the Innisfree’s No sebum Mineral Powder on mornings when I’m short for time! Its so amazing!! Please pop over sometime, I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback! 🙂 Thank you for the post

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