Secret Key Lip Tints

Part 2 of review series

This will be a short post on two lip products I got from SecretKey which includes the “Red Carpet Tattoo Tint” in -Hot Pink- and “Ice Cream Tint Glow” in -Ice Mandarin-. Both are around the size of one finger length.20170331_065340918_iOS

The red carpet one is a liquid tint white the ice cream tint is a stick type.

thick and viscous
cute design



Left to right : Ice Cream Tint Glow in Ice Mandarin, Red Carpet Tattoo Tint in Hot Pink

Overall thoughts (Sorry for the awkward photos ^^;) :

Ice Cream Tint Glow – Ice Mandarin20170331_082238000_iOS

  • Sheer colour but does the job pretty well, perfect for a more natural look/ everyday wear (can be layered to get darker dolour as well)
  • Long-lasting throughout the day, around 70% left after food/drinks.
  • Smooth application and slightly glossy
  • Normal smell (not good nor bad)
  • Unique packaging

Red Carpet Tattoo Tint – Hot Pink20170331_083058000_iOS

  • Really pigmented and thick, only one layer is needed and colour can be made darker with more layers (since only a thin coat is needed, product can last long before having to buy again despite small quantity)
  • Long-lasting throughout the day, around 60% left after food/drinks.
  • Easy to spread and blend
  • Compact packaging
  • Slightly drying
  • smells really good (sweet cherry-ish kind of smell)

That’s all for this post. In a nutshell, I quite like both products but not super in love. Look forward to my next post!

Sera ❧


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