3CE Cream Blusher

Part 3 of review series

Hey guys! Finally I’m back again. I feel like my introductions are always about how inactive I am, and I doubt that’s going to stop any time soon. In any case, today’s review will be on ” 3ConceptEyes Cream Blusher ” in shade Coral Coral! Excited to finally try them!

My post on Instagram (please check me out on ig too XD)

Well, I actually wanted it in shade soft orange but it’s out of stock at that time so I got the closest in coral instead. I really love shades with warm orange tone. Although corals are pretty, they’re more pink and a cooler tone. After I received it and I compare to the actual swatches for the soft orange shade (which is more yellow), I’m actually glad I got the coral one instead. Well, I’m difficult to satisfy. 😂


During application, I squeezed out just a drop but it seems it’s way too much! I think you really have to be very careful and only squeeze out a dot equivalent as it’ll be just enough for both cheeks. In this sense, this blusher can definitely last you a long time. As for the product itself, it’s very pigmented. A little tough on spreading and blending but still manageable. This is also buildable depending on how you would like it to look. What I like about this is that it definitely highlights and brighten my cheeks very well, basically it serves its job as a blusher well. As for lastingness, it stays well for about 6-8 hrs without requiring touch up (it doesn’t smudge much when sweating or if you rub your face etc. too). On the side note, it works as a coral lipstick as well (helps you save $ on that 😂).

ok that’s all for now, bye!

Sera ❧

(this is a repost due to some issues, sorry!)


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