Strawberry Gradient Mille Crêpe

Hello guys! It's finally my break again. Today I decided to try making some crepes. Not sure if I mentioned this anywhere before, but apart from loving to eat, I love to cook too, especially making desserts, pastries etc. But my kitchen is not exactly a friendly place for such. But at least I have … Continue reading Strawberry Gradient Mille Crêpe


Food Hunt – Shenzhen #2

Part two of my previous post! Do check out that one too if you haven't. 🙂 Since I've already introduced there, lets just get right into the food experience! Day two breakfast: Dim sum! I got meat sauce noodles (jajiangmyeon) too, but I forgot to take a picture. oops.     After breakfast, it's time to shop. … Continue reading Food Hunt – Shenzhen #2