Macau – Ruins of St. Paul’s

Hello! Recently I travelled to Hong Kong, and from there I went to Shenzhen and from Shenzhen to Macau. ^^; I spent around a day at Macau so I didn't really get to do much especially since most of the time was wasted on travelling on ferries and subways and finding the way. T^T  In any case, … Continue reading Macau – Ruins of St. Paul’s


Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!

Hello! As promised, today I'll be trying out those ramen that I bought the other day. I'm so excited! After seeing so many people try it, I just can't wait to experience for myself. I know I'm pretty late but oh well. I really seriously love spicy food that it's tough to truly express my obsession for them in words. … Continue reading Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!